HV Water Shut Off Policy

We schedule water shuts offs for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday each week; from 10am until 2pm. Please let us know as far in advance as possible, 24 hour minimum.


Water shut off procedures:

  1. The plumber must be on site and call us at 281-846-4170 when they are ready for the water to be turned off,
  2. Describe the repair.
  3. Confirm they have all materials on hand. 
  4. Give an estimate of the time required for the repair.
  5. Call us when the repair is complete. 


We try to turn off water to as few buildings as possible. Many times, we have to turn off all water to all buildings. Therefore, we need the repair to take as little time as possible.


We want to be sure an owner gets their repair completed and completed correctly, to protect their unit and all units. We try to balance this with this with the fact, many owners are without water for hours, since we have quite a few water shut off requests. We want this process to be as efficient as possible and have the water off for as little time as possible.