Harbour Village Condominium Collections Policy

A $25 Invoice Late Payment fee will be become due and payable, and added to the owner account on 1st of each month for each unpaid invoice from previous months. ($25 for each invoice unpaid, each month. Example: If an owner has four unpaid invoices, on the first day of the month, the Late Payment Invoice Penalty Fee for that month will be $100.)


If an account becomes 2 months in arrears a courtesy email will be sent, to notify the owner, that a 209 letter, (Notice to File for Foreclosure), will be sent unless an Arrears Payment Plan has been agreed to by the owner within 10 days.


At the beginning of the third month, a 209 letter will be sent, as a Notice to File for Foreclosure. If all payments have not been received by the last day of the third month after an invoice has been sent, the Association will move for foreclosure.


An Arrears Payment Plan is available once every two years. It will require all past due balances will be paid within three months. It will also require Monthly Assessment payments to be paid on time to remain eligible for the Arrears Payment Plan, and delay foreclosure.


Any default of the Arrears Payment Plan within the 3 months will result in a 209 letter, (Notice to Foreclose) and foreclosure will follow.


Owners are responsible to contact the Harbour Village Condominium Management Office at 281-846-4170 or Contact Us with any questions, concerns, or if you have not received a monthly invoice from Harbour Village by the 5th of each month.


 Harbour Village Condominium Council of Co-Owners, Inc.